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Workflow Automated System For Soda Capital

About Soda Capital

Soda Capital assists small to medium-sized property developers with tailored financing solutions, enabling them to manage risks effectively and ensure timely project completions. Known for its quick turnaround and deep understanding of economic impacts like inflation and interest rates, Soda Capital supports developments up to $300 million MXN.

Challenges Faced

Before partnering with us, Soda Capital encountered significant challenges:

Manual Task Management: Significant manual data entry and form processing led to high error rates and inefficiencies.

Complex Workflow Management: Multiple groups managed numerous tasks without a unified system, causing delays and higher operational costs.

Inconsistent Task Prioritization and Tracking: Lack of an automated system for task management resulted in overlooked or delayed tasks, affecting client satisfaction and project timelines


Our Solution: A Customized Business Workflow System

  • We provided a tailored solution using ClickUp to streamline Soda Capital’s operations:

    • Custom Workflows: Specifically designed to align with Soda Capital’s loan processing steps.
    • Seamless Integration: Connected ClickUp with existing business platforms for smooth data management.
    • Empowering Training: Comprehensive training sessions for staff to maximize system benefits.

Impactful Results

Our implementation has dramatically transformed Soda Capital’s business operations:

  • 40% Faster Loan Processing: Significant reduction in processing time, enhancing client turnover.
  • 25% Reduction in Operational Costs: Minimized manual tasks, cutting down unnecessary expenses.
  • 30% Increase in Loan Processing Volume: Improved efficiency allowed handling more clients without sacrificing quality.