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Oslo Innovation Week 2015 (rocked!)

We’re sorry if you missed it, but Oslo Innovation Week 2015 was awesome. As a proud Startup Lab member and innovative Nordic startup we wouldn’t have skipped it for the world – although it didn’t hurt that plenty of events happened in our backyard at Oslo Science Park. Here’s the breakdown of how it looked from Systemapic’s perspective:

Cutting Edge 2015

It wasn’t tough for us to attend the Cutting Edge 2015 event, because we basically had to walk through it to get to our office. This was a blessing in disguise though because lunch was free and we got to see a few once in a lifetime happenings. First was an appearance from Osaka University’s Hiroshi Ishiguro, an expert in robotics at the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute. Or so we thought… Turned out that Ishiguro had in reality created the most terrifyingly lifelike robot in history (next step = Blade Runner). The robot would sit in a corner, look at people and blink, and respond to everyone’s questions with very human-esque movements. If you were in a hurry passing by it would’ve been easy to write “it” off as a pretty stiff guy who needed a few drinks to loosen up. Amazing technology though. Learn more here.


Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 2.32.54 PM


If robotic human-impersonators weren’t enough of a draw for Cutting Edge 2015 then Bas Lansdorp, founder of Mars One, certainly was. Bas, like SpaceX’s Elon Musk, David Bowie, Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain (apparently) and a number of other enterprising adventurers, is dead-set on life on mars. Mars One is confident it can get humans living permanently on Mars and has already had over 200,000 applicants which it has narrowed down to 100 for the journey around 2020. Learn more here and learn more about Mars colonization in general here.

Norwegian Investment Forum 2015

Cutting Edge was great as a spectacle but for an early-stage startup like Systemapic that has big aspirations of innovating our entire industry the Norwegian Investment Forum was a much more relevant and fascinating event. A whole host of speakers from Gelato Group’s Henrik Muller-Hansen to 500 Startups Sean Percival gave insight on what it takes to be truly impactful in this crowded space and to take your business to the next level. We met a whole number of interesting people we’re looking forward to learning more from at Angel Challenge 2015 and while a London-based startup called SkinAnalytics took the 100 Pitches prize, Startup Lab’s own Agnes Dyvik, CEO of Vio Media, gave a great performance in every round and was a close runner-up. Learn more about SkinAnalytics and Vio and support entrepreneurship!

Next up is Angel Challenge sponsored by Startup Norway this week, and although Oslo Innovation Week 2015 is over the innovation doesn’t have to end. Onwards and upwards!

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