Welcome to Systemapic

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Welcome to Systemapic and allow us to introduce ourselves:  First and foremost, we are Jørgen and Knut and we are dead-set on becoming the most innovative player the GIS (Geographic Information System) industry has seen.  We have a deep passion for geospatial data and the incredible possibilities it gives businesses in every industry and every corner of the globe.  Our business has been founded on the principles of innovation and collaboration, but to change a huge industry passion and principles won’t suffice.

Fortunately we’re tech guys and we like to build things.  It’s who we are and what we do.  So to get on pushing GIS technology forward we have built a solution to a problem:  The industry allows millions of tough questions to be answered daily by the analysis of spatial (map) data but it does not currently have a single platform that truly facilitates collaboration without sacrificing necessary complexity.  Furthermore, the bar for entry is just too high.  Programming skills and serious capital are both currently a must if professionals really want to harness the power of map data.  

Here is where we come in.  We’ve made the first platform to easily create, collaborate on and share beautiful geospatial visualizations of a world of data.  We operate on an affordable subscription model, host all the data ourselves on secure servers, work with any GIS file format and don’t require programming skills while sacrificing none of the richness or complexity like our web-based competitors.  We are Systemapic and we believe changing an industry can change the world.

A story:  In 2013 we were just two Norwegian tech entrepreneurs, living in Lebanon, tasked by WWF Norway to build an Arctic-area web map.  A large existing player had disappointed with their delivered result so WWF enlisted us.  We helped a good cause but unearthed a bad problem:  A project that should have taken hours took months due to the archaic technology of the mammoth Geo-Services industry ($270b annually) and cost WWF far more than we believed it could with some industry innovation.  Never ones to sit idly by, we started creating Systemapic and are now focused on innovating an industry so ubiquitous it is used to find both an optimized location for the next Starbucks and human pressure hotspots on Caribbean coral reefs.  We’re now in our Beta testing phase (join) and moving forward rapidly.

By introducing the industry’s first collaborative cloud solution with elegant and user-friendly interfaces we think a better GIS platform can make a world of difference.

Welcome to Systemapic.

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