Month February 2016


We invite for #maptime this Thursday!


On Thursday @ 18.00 we have invited #maptime to StartupLab @ Oslo Science Park to talk a bit about our software, and the open source solutions we have used to build it.

We will talk about what we do, why we do it, how we do it, and discuss the solutions that exists in the market today, their limitations, and our vision for future mapping.

If you have any data that you would like us to play with, bring it along, and we will show you what you can do with it 🙂

If you don’t have any data, or don’t know how to get geospatial data, we will look at some of the awesome free data libraries out there, and show you how you can play around with it in our software.

We are very excited to have you over, and can offer pizza, beers, and maps!

Bring friends if you like!

Facebook page: here
#maptime event page: here

The location for the event is:
Gaustadalléen 21,
0349 Oslo

Just take subway 3,4 or 6 to Blindern or Forskningsparken, and you’re pretty much there.

Call Jørgen on (+47) 93 93 10 34 if there is anything you want to know 🙂

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