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Welcome, superstars

Systemapic has been in development by its two founders – in solitude, we might add – for more than a year and a half now, so we’re extremely excited to announce that we have expanded our team with two extremely talented programmers!

We have looked up to Sandro Santilli for quite some time now, checking out his magnificent programming skills on GitHub from time to time. We know this is super nerdy, but anyone who’s deep into Open Source geospatial databases, such as PostGIS, would know him under his alias – strk. This is because Sandro is one of the core developers of this database, meaning that there are only a handful of people in the world that can match his skills in this particular, but very crucial, niche. We’ve been talking to Sandro for several months now, and when we finally landed a grant form Innovation Norway, we rushed to hire him. He was an A-1 priority. Sandro is going to work with us for three months, strengthening the database infrastructure on the back end, and we very excited about it.

While Sandro works from Italy, Igor Ziegler, the second addition to our team, is working with us from Siberia…the only place possibly colder to live in than Norway. Igor is more of an all-around asset to us than Sandro is, and we plan to keep him for a long period of time. At the moment he writes tests for our back-end, and works on strengthening our API. When Igor is not working for Systemapic, he’s doing a Ph.D. in Mathematics…and that’s just awesome.

And we plan to continue growing. We’re looking for a third person that can help us with business development and sales. Recommendations are welcome!